Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Breathing easy

I am a self improvement kinda guy. Every now and again, you gotta clean yourself up, and clean yourself out, right? "Well what about reaching those tucked away little nooks and crannies like your sinus cavities?", you ask. Fear not, because yoga practitioners and wholistic healer types have been using a simple little devices for millions of years to clean out the nose: the Neti pot.

Simple in design, the neti pot looks just like a small watering pot thingy that you use to water your indoor cacti, flowers, and spider plants. This little guy has a spout that fits perfectly into the human nostril though. The general idea is that you mix up a mild saline solution and pour it in one nostril, let it swish around the sinus cavity, and then pour out the other nostril into the sink. The gentle cleansing process removes harmful buildups of pollen, dust, grime, and other airborne caca. Its kind of a foreign feeling, but you have to focus on not laughing, or you get a salty/mucousy sludge draining down your throat.

Yeah I know this seems kinda bizarre... but lemme tell you that after neti-ing, I slept like a baby angel with a belly full of heaven milk, cradled in the arms of an obese, autistic panda bear. Breathing through the nose is pleasant, and my olfactory sense is heightened. I bet I could smell lightning before it even strikes now. Its that good. You should try it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I joined some of the local flying hippies for an early morning jaunt up Beacon Hill for some exercise and a flight this morning (I know, I know... ANOTHER post about flying). November has been particularly mild, and since I can't raise enough loot for a season pass, I am hanging on to the nice days of paragliding to fill the outdoor recreation-shaped hole in my heart.

Its crazy what people will do to get their thrill on. Icy temps and the grueling hike certainly sucked, but did not deter me from logging a flight today. Beacon Hill is located north and slightly east of the U of U campus, so you hike up Red Butte Canyon to reach it. Conversation with the local flying duders includes such subject matter as previous flights, what kind of a current rig you are using, weather, other gnarly activities, and of course, jokes. Heard this one on the way up:

"Whats the difference between a rectal thermometer and an oral thermometer?"
"The taste."

Anywhoms, its nice to see the city you live in from a different angle. It makes everything just look so tiny. Here are some visuals. Enjoy, and be easy to one another.

The launch site

Flying into the gross. Looking at the U of U and downtown SLC.

From the landing zone. Beacon Hill in retrospect.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birds of a Feather

Nicky (my brother) and I got my dad a tandem flight for Father's Day back in June. We finally got him up in the air a couple weeks ago. It was a picture-perfect soaring evening down at the Point of the Mountain. The instructor let Dad fly the rig, and even pull some acro moves on the way down. The Old Man had an ear-to-ear grin when he landed.

I got out in the air and flew along side Dad and my instructor, Chris. What a dope experience that was. Now if only I could get the rest of my nearest and dearest out under some Skytex...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Family togetherness

From the Warren Jeffs Clan: Hope your Halloween was full of tricks and treats. And by tricks, we mean 15 year olds.

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Kid says "Happy Halloween"

JK about the last post. Lots of things have been happenin in Duder's life. Lots of things requiring brain waves and good juju, channeled to other facets of my everyday living. The good news is that I am back online, and will be spitting more hot fiyah.

Lets end the drought with a pic of my most recent pumpkin masterpiece. Jack-o-lanterns were a sign of good fortune to the Orientals in the 3rd century BC. Don't believe me? Wiki that. Anywhoms, I chose to go with a Prince/Purple Rain motif this year. I hope that "the Kid" brings you good fortune tonight on this Hallow's Eve.

This was a test

.... and you all failed it. I was purposefully not posting anything for a while, cause I wanted to see the dedication and desire from my readers to keep the flow coming. I only received menacing emails about my unannounced sabbatical from Adam, and no one else. Shame.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Glory Hole

On a recent trip to Colorado, my brother and I witnessed the Glory Hole. Hold it. I am not talking about that kind of glory hole. I am talking about this old iron mine that is the home to 250,000 Brazilian free tailed bats. At dusk, they all come out to feast on small bugs. According to the plaque in front of the mine, they eat up to 1/3 of their body weight in mosquitoes and moths and the sort. Pretty brutal.

The hike to the cave was a trip in itself. You see, in order to get to the cave, you have to hike through a campground laden with natural hot spring pools. As you might guess, it is a clothing-optional sanctuary. From the Tibetan prayer flags hanging over the cabins, to the community bathroom/shower, it was a naturalist's playground. I couldn't help but wonder to myself as I walked by this dude brandishing his fleshy little stalactite: "At what point in your life do you decide that you want to show off your gravity-stretched cash and prizes to your peers? When do you decide that you would rather be naked than clothed?" Whatever, I suppose.

Our view of Mordor

Nick in front of the cave

250,000 Bats