Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Breathing easy

I am a self improvement kinda guy. Every now and again, you gotta clean yourself up, and clean yourself out, right? "Well what about reaching those tucked away little nooks and crannies like your sinus cavities?", you ask. Fear not, because yoga practitioners and wholistic healer types have been using a simple little devices for millions of years to clean out the nose: the Neti pot.

Simple in design, the neti pot looks just like a small watering pot thingy that you use to water your indoor cacti, flowers, and spider plants. This little guy has a spout that fits perfectly into the human nostril though. The general idea is that you mix up a mild saline solution and pour it in one nostril, let it swish around the sinus cavity, and then pour out the other nostril into the sink. The gentle cleansing process removes harmful buildups of pollen, dust, grime, and other airborne caca. Its kind of a foreign feeling, but you have to focus on not laughing, or you get a salty/mucousy sludge draining down your throat.

Yeah I know this seems kinda bizarre... but lemme tell you that after neti-ing, I slept like a baby angel with a belly full of heaven milk, cradled in the arms of an obese, autistic panda bear. Breathing through the nose is pleasant, and my olfactory sense is heightened. I bet I could smell lightning before it even strikes now. Its that good. You should try it.