Friday, October 31, 2008

The Kid says "Happy Halloween"

JK about the last post. Lots of things have been happenin in Duder's life. Lots of things requiring brain waves and good juju, channeled to other facets of my everyday living. The good news is that I am back online, and will be spitting more hot fiyah.

Lets end the drought with a pic of my most recent pumpkin masterpiece. Jack-o-lanterns were a sign of good fortune to the Orientals in the 3rd century BC. Don't believe me? Wiki that. Anywhoms, I chose to go with a Prince/Purple Rain motif this year. I hope that "the Kid" brings you good fortune tonight on this Hallow's Eve.

This was a test

.... and you all failed it. I was purposefully not posting anything for a while, cause I wanted to see the dedication and desire from my readers to keep the flow coming. I only received menacing emails about my unannounced sabbatical from Adam, and no one else. Shame.