Friday, May 30, 2008

Old men who look like lesbians

As of late Anthony Kiedis kinda looks like an old dyke. Check this blog out.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Glad tidings of great joy

Lots of changes in Ol' Duder's life. I have to dedicate this post to all of the latest and greatest of my life. As my faithful readers know, this webspace is NOT my travel log, but a place for my brain to spill some html code. That being said, too many good things have happened recently to just ignore. Here's whats been up:

Moved into a new house: After 2 years, my tenure at the beloved Dojo (1804 S. 1700 E.) has come to an end, due to the fact that our landlord sold the place. The Dojo was the scene of many wonderful gatherings (including 2 sweater parties), several Tiki Lounge sessions, and the venue for our reggae band, the Needy Greedy. If the walls of that place could talk, they would most likely say "Repent", but they would also chuckle at all of the great memories made therein. *Sigh. Oh well, gone are the days of living in a weird old house, paying way too much money for utilities, and dealing with a ridiculous landlord. We were so happy to be out of there, that we lit off strings of firecrackers inside the house for about the last 2 weeks of our stay.

Our new place is tentatively being called "The Cove", in part to its proximity to Olympus Cove. Its a cozy place, but hasn't proved to be a memory maker just yet. More to come on the Cove...

I graduated from the U of U
: This one was 6 years in the making, but at last it is over. Yeah its only a BS in Marketing, but you know what, I have never graduated from college before, so its a big deal for me. No more group projects, no more pretentious professors, and NO MORE fighting tooth and nail for a mini parking spot at the U of U.

I got a new job at Alliance Health: I spent 11 months as an intern at a marketing agency called Studeo Interactive Direct, and I was counting on a smooth transition into a salaried position, but to my surprise, I was denied such an offer. No matter, because I quickly found a position with a great little start up called Alliance Health. My skills learned at Studeo are being exercised to their very limits at this new gig. Although challenging, I am excited to finally be appreciated in a professional sense.

Last but not least, and what I am most excited about, I started paragliding. My mother, bless her heart, treated me to lessons as a graduation present. I can't even begin to describe how me paragliding is. Those that know me well will probably agree. In two weeks, I have logged 10 flights: a handful of tandems, and several solos, including a solo from 1500 feet. Needless to say, I have fallen deeply in love, and I hope to buy a glider rig in the next month or so. More to come on this...

Anyways, just thought I would share a few happy bits of news with you all... life feels pretty good right now.