Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Andy Williams was right...

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. The snow has finally fallen, the semester is almost over, my skis have been waxed, and most importantly, the 2nd Annual Jazzy Dojo Sweater Charity Benefit Party is just right around the corner.

I am tickled a light shade of red -almost pink- to announce that the long-awaited sweater party will be held in the beloved Dojo (my house) on December 15. Stay tuned, cause I will post this year's official invite that was created by our in-house Creative Team (Adam Hook). It is sure to be an instant collector's piece.

For those of you that did not attend last year, allow me to paint a picture in your cerebral cortex (located near the lymbic system), of last year's soiree, so that you have an inkling of what to expect this year:


Crackling fire.

Man's desire.

Cozy sweaters,
Gifts galore.

Candied nuts,
Egg nog? Yes please, more.

Vintage tree,
twinkling lights.

Gleeful faces,
Magical night.

If you are reading this entry, you know you are invited. Please come by the Dojo and share a classy evening with family and friends on the 15th. Don't forget to wear your favorite school teacher holiday sweater, and bring a toy or blanket for donation to a local charity for foster children. Until then, enjoy this artist's depiction of last year's event. Stay jolly.